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A Lot to Like

Pun alert: this headline, and a “lot” of this post, are about the Lot river. It started the day as our target, ended it as our friendly companion, and for the next few days it is going to have a big impact on our routes and their ridges as we follow its valley through to Provence.

They say early bird catches the worm and all that, so today with quite a few miles to do (and a fair few metres of elevation to gain) we left Gramat early doors. And it was totes worth it, because by 11am, just at the point where the sun turns from friend to foe, we had reached the high point of the day. So it was all downhill from there, in the best of ways. And getting to the high point wasn’t unenjoyable either. Most of our morning was spent with barely a car in sight as we went through another Parc Naturale, enjoying the countryside views and listening to the cows moo, the birds sing, the lambs bleat, the ewes chatting back to their lambs, and so on and so forth (keep it down guys, trying to cycle here yeah?).

Our morning café stop was in Figeac where - wait for it - JK actually had a coffee (possibly third ever in life). ‘Interestingly’ (using that term loosely), the café building used to be owned by the father of Figeac’s only famous resident: Jean François Champollian who was the man to decipher the Rosetta Stone in the early 1800s and thus lift the veil (for the western world) on the life of the Pharaohs. A great achievement no doubt, but safe to say that obviously not much comes out of Figeac.

From there we finished our day’s climb and then spent the rest of the day blissfully rolling either downhill or alongside the Lot river, stopping for

the odd award-winning photo before arriving in Entraygues-sur-Truyère, a quaint riverside town with much of its 16th Century centre still perfectly intact. It is also a wine-producing region but they make so few bottles that they never really export beyond their borders, which is all the more reason to drink as many as possible whilst sitting and watching the river go by.

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