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And so it begins. We’ve boarded HMS Brittany Ferries, headed across the channel and into St-Malo. From here we’ll start our very own Grand Tour de France. However since we technically haven’t started any cycling yet we’re taking this opportunity to set the scene (and clarify a couple of bits). 

In the ‘About Us’ section of this blog we describe ourselves as ‘cycling enthusiasts’. Enthusiasm often leads to expertise, but I thought it worth pointing out that this is not the case for us. We most definitely look the part with our snazzy (matching) bikes, premium-panniers (Rapha) and first rate cycling gear (again Rapha).

However remove all the fancy (Rapha) stuff and you’re not left with two lean-mean-road-racing machines. You’re left with us. Two people that didn’t know much about bikes until recently but simply thought it might be fun to cycle across France because we quite like cycling and we quite like France. 

Ours is going to be a leisurely 1000+ mile adventure through France, in search of the best baguettes, beers, wines, crepes, croissants or even onion soups. In fact, it’s not even just about food. We’ll look for the best views, cute cathedrals, cobbled streets, beautiful vineyards, beaches, bays and sleepy villages. Or simply the nicest place to rest your head next time you fancy a break.

We’ll share some of the sparkle that makes cycling through France so fabulous, as well as some of our (mis)adventures along the way. We hope you enjoy it and who knows, maybe it might inspire you, whether a budding enthusiast or expert racer, to join us on a cycle sometime in the future.

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