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Dancing in the rain?

They say life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass, it’s about learning to dance in the rain. Well, they’re wrong. We encountered our first storm of the trip this afternoon and got royally pissed upon.

Luckily we had our #Rapha rain jackets and waterproof #Rapha luggage (sponsorship deal in the pipeline. By which I mean I’ve asked them for sponsorship via a hashtag on insta and am waiting on a response. Presume the money men are burning the candle both ends trying to put a deal together).

And so with eyes wincing from the ironic sting of suncream being washed into them, we ploughed through the last hour to reach today’s destination of L’isle Jourdain. If you ever come this way then definitely stay at Les Hiboux, run by a most lovely couple whose warm welcome of beer, biscuits and washing our clothes was just the tonic we needed.

Even before all that, the day was not without its incidents. It started so well in crisp sunshine, with some pleasant miles bringing us an interesting display of vintage farming machinery in Pompaire, the little village of Januzeil where local life centres around the combined tabac/bar/café/petrol station, a few more castles, a “death lantern” (not what you think) in Château Larcher, and a few nice chats with the ever-present group of Scotsmen (see earlier blog post) who are doing the exact same route as us at the exact same pace.

Then we were hit with a test for our recently acquired bike mechanic skills - the valve broke on Kate’s front wheel (again, what are the odds? Also never happened to us before), prompting a long stop outside the Hôtel du Ville (town hall) in Lusignan researching “local” bike shops (nowhere near) and how to get there (not easy), before opting for a bit of emergency roadside surgery to fix it ourselves.

And so we got to bask in the warm glow of self-sufficient satisfaction. For all of an hour until the rain came. Still, could be worse. One of the aforementioned Scotsmen bit into a stale baguette today and lost his two front teeth. Merde.

But the forecast is hot and sunny so here’s to tomorrow.

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