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Half Time

Yesterday marked the exact halfway point on our official route from St-Malo to Nice, which feels like an opportune time for a break. Especially after eleven days straight in the saddle. Luckily, we have a friend’s wedding to get to!

So today we interrupted our journey south, hit a U-turn and headed north towards Brive-la-Gaillarde where we needed to catch a train. We meandered a little through the Dordogne valley in order to pass through two of “les plus beaux villages” in France. Carennac was truly idyllic with its ornate buildings of soft limestone, whilst the red brick of Collonges-la-Rouge was a step change from anything we’ve seen to date.

Overall though, it’s been a day of feeling the burn. Legs are weary from recent long days, the climbs kept coming and the temperature this afternoon was up at 38 degrees which is quite frankly not fun to cycle in. Absolutely pooped. But we made it.

So we are now train, plane and automobiling our way to beautiful Lake Como in Italy. Not sure what we’re looking forward to more - three days with friends in a beautiful part of the world, or three days rest from a bike!

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