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How it’s meant to be

Have to admit, when we decided upon this trip we had visions of 3-4hrs leisurely cycling a day, then spending all afternoon mooching about a beautiful town and refuelling with a couple of bières. Well, hasn’t always been the case but pleased to say that today was exactly that.

We started early as we were headed to the delightful Dordogne region. First we cycled through the Parc Régionale and its ruffled landscape - forests one stretch, rolling hills and green pastures the next, punctuated by small villages with their ever present châteaux and boulangeries (no surprises that the latter had significantly limited stock on a Sunday).

The road felt almost always to be on a gentle incline, but we took it slow and steady, passing through St Mathieu (fieldy) and Piégut-Pluviers (Chesnutty). Chesnut trees here are apparently ubiquitous to the region and used in a lot of the local furniture (we didn’t stop to check).

Despite the hills we made it in record time to the incredibly beautiful town of Brantôme, arriving at our B&B before midday. And once again, we were welcomed with a complimentary beer (always a treat after a long cycle, no matter the time) and revelled in an afternoon off the saddle, treating ourselves to a proper meal (not a baguette) and a bucolic kayak along the Dronne river which Brantôme is surrounded by, and hence known as ‘the Venice of the Perigord’.

This is exactly what it’s all about.

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