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Retour from the detour

We reluctantly left the beautiful Plus Beaux Village of Monpazier with the aim of rejoining the route where we diverted from it last Wednesday for a week of jollification.

The detour took us to an incredible wedding in Italy (congratulations Mr and Mrs Healey) and back to France across the beautiful regions within Gironde, Lot and the Dordogne. Here we embraced the slower pace of life, both on and off the pedals. The flat lanes made us lazy, the surrounding vineyards made us thirsty and the greatly appreciated cloud-cover made everything feel pretty easy. It was starting to feel like a holiday.

But today, we were mercilessly reminded that this is not a holiday (well it is, but you know what we mean). The hills and the heat combined forces to become a super-force doing everything in their power to delay our arrival into Gramat. And although Gramat isn’t one of the most remarkable towns we’ve passed through (sorry Gramat), we still wanted to bloody get there.

The road that lead us back to Gramat (via Salviac and a delicious pasta pesto lunch at Montfaucon) was a stark reminder of what we took on before the detour. The enjoyment of every downhill glide was nulled by the knowledge that an uphill was waiting at the other end. The skies cleared to unmask a scorching ball of fire, that no amount of high factor suncream could make you feel safe from.

But despite all the pain and elemental challenges, or perhaps because of them, the buzz at the end of the day is more than worth it. Especially as we snuck in another vin dégustation with our favourite chatty football-obsessed ex-sommelièr.

Bring on tomorrow. And hopefully an equally delicious pasta pesto lunch somewhere.

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